When were doors invented? – 2 Amazing Door History Facts

when were doors invented

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Get ready for an epic journey back to ancient Egypt, where Egyptian tomb paintings adorn grand entrances, to answer the age-old question: “when were doors invented?”. At first glance, doors may seem like a simple and mundane part of our everyday lives – but the invention of these time-honored entryways is packed with a fascinating history! We’ll continue through Europe as we explore wooden door designs from centuries past before finally arriving at today’s modern marvels. So join us now as we discover who created this timeless piece of architecture that plays an essential role in contemporary construction: The Door!

The Evolution of Doors

Doors have been around since ancient times, with archaeological discoveries showing evidence as far back as 4,000 years ago. Paintings from Ancient Egyptian tombs depict scenes that include doors, and it is thought that this was when they were first invented. It was around 1,000 years later that wooden doors became more common in Europe, eventually leading to an increased demand for them. By the 14th century, doors had become a status symbol, and wealthy people decorated their houses with ornate doors made from high-quality materials like oak or walnut. Click here to know the best materials that would be used later for doors!

when were doors invented

The Invention of Modern Doors 

In reality, we can’t know who or when were doors invented since it is such an elemental part of any type of architecture, but it was in the 18th century that modern door designs began to take shape. This period saw a shift towards mass production, as well as advances in technology which allowed new types of locks and hinges to be developed. With these new technologies came an increase in security levels and improved insulation capabilities, making homes safer and more comfortable. In addition, innovations in manufacturing processes allowed for cheaper production costs without sacrificing quality – thus allowing more people to afford high-quality doors for their homes.


When were doors invented then? Doors have come a long way since their “invention” thousands of years ago; what was once a status symbol has become commonplace in every household worldwide. While much about who invented the first door or remains unknown today, one thing is certain: it was an important milestone in human history that changed how we view architecture and design forever! Whether you’re looking to get a basic door or something more ornate installed or are simply looking for an affordable locksmith, call us today, and there’ll be no doubt that you’ll be able to find exactly what you need, thanks to the many advancements made over time by those who have come before us!