Mul-t-lock High security chain with MT5+ padlock

Mul-T-Lock is pleased to introduce our Square Link 4’ High-Security Chain. Constructed with super-strong hardened steel, this accessory is sold with our #10 C-Series Padlock with Shackle Protector and has been designed to fit securely within the shackle’s clearance. Our field-proven #10 C-series padlock, coupled with this robust and durable chain, adds superior protection to any padlock application.

Mul-t-lock High security chain with MT5+ padlock



The Mul-t-lock chain with MT5+ padlock is perfect for securing your bicycle, motorcycle, boat, fence, gate, industrial machinery, and all other chain locking applications. The chain is made of hardened steel and the padlock has a 5-pin cylinder that resists picking. The lock is also waterproof and dustproof.

These padlocks are the ultimate in locking technology. Their patented, pick and drill resistant C5 cylinder ensures that your bike or other valuables will be kept safe from thieves. The C5 cylinder is made up of 10 telescopic pins which must align perfectly to open the lock. The MT5+ has a 5/8” hardened steel shackle and a denim sleeve for increased protection from cutting and sawing attacks. It also comes with an attractive chrome finish and includes two keys, one of which is a lighted key.

The Mul-T-Lock MT5+ high-security chain with the MT5+ padlock is a double locking system. The key has two sets of cuts: one for the telescopic pin mechanism and the other for the locking bar. This combination provides enhanced key security, higher manipulation resistance, and improved resistance to picking attacks.

The MT5+ key secure system is supported by an authorization magnetic strip card. This card must be presented to a locksmith in order to enable additional keys to be supplied.


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