Mul-t-lock ArmaDlock (Side door)

ArmaDlock is a multi-locking device that turns any standard side door into an armored door. The product was designed to fortify the security of commercial vehicles, in particular, those carrying goods and equipment. Simple to use and install, ArmaDlock fits almost any type of vehicle door, both rear and sliding. It is available in three versions: one for standard doors, one for heavy-duty applications such as trucks or buses, and another specifically designed for sliding doors.

Mul-t-lock ArmaDlock (Side door)



ArmaDlock is a hasp locking system that is applied to commercial vehicle cargo compartment doors. It can also be used for other applications with similar needs or structures. The keyless locking system can be activated by pushing the lockdown, and it features a dust cover to keep the locking mechanism clean. There are two versions of ArmaDlock: one for rear doors (also applicable to any hinged door) and one for Side sliding doors.

Body: The ArmaDlock is a high precision, lightweight and strong aluminum door lock. It combines the strength of steel with the durability of aluminum. It is weather-resistant and can withstand extreme temperatures.

Bolt: The 12mm alloy steel bolt offers maximum security for your home or business. It has a unique design that makes it more difficult to manipulate than traditional locks.

Cylinder mechanism: Mul-t-lock’s unique, high-precision pin tumbler system provides an additional layer of protection against picking and manipulation attempts.


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