How to Pick a Lock With a Card? 2 Basic Things To Know

how to pick a lock with a card

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Have you ever found yourself locked out of your house or office without the key? Don’t worry; In this blog post, we’ll discuss how to pick a lock with a card so you can get inside in no time! It’s an easy solution that won’t cost you anything. You can use something as simple as a membership card, old hotel key, insurance card, or even a gift card to pick the lock and unlock the door.


First, access whatever door needs to be opened. Once you’re ready to begin the process of picking the lock with your card, insert it between the door and frame. The goal is to tilt the card slightly and bend it towards you while always keeping it flat. This will help create pressure against the latch so you can eventually release it from within the door frame.

Once the card has been bent enough, you should now be able to press down on it firmly while moving it up and down to release the latch from within its corresponding hole. It may take some time for this process to work correctly, so make sure to keep going! Once successful, simply push open the door, and voila! You have unlocked your mystery without having any keys on hand! 

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Keep in Mind

Another important factor when attempting this task is not using just any type of card. Credit cards are often too stiff and thick, which could lead to failure when trying to unlock a locked door—not only that but also potentially damaging or breaking your credit card in half during this process. We recommend using more flexible cards such as gift cards, membership cards, old hotel keys, or even insurance cards instead. Due to their flexibility and size, these will provide better results when trying to pick a lock with a credit card. 

Also, remember not all home locks can be picked up using a credit card. The door locks with a deadbolt and cannot be easily accessed. They only work on those doors with a slanted latch facing you to make it easier to press it using the card.

How to pick a lock with a card?


All in all, if you find yourself locked out of your home or office without any keys around, then don’t worry because learning how to pick a lock with a card is easier than it might seem! By following these simple steps above and ensuring that you are using more flexible types of cards, such as gift cards or old hotel keys, unlocking doors should become an effortless task for anyone attempting this feat. We hope that this blog post was helpful for those looking for tips on how to pick a lock with cards.

But if you still need help with your lockout situation, call us! At Affordable Locksmith, we provide customers with immediate lockout assistance and residential locksmith services—happy unlocking!

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