How to Open a Locked Door? 7 Clever Ways

how to open a locked door

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Have you ever been locked out of your house or office? If so, it can feel like an overwhelming and stressful experience. But don’t worry—there are several ways you can learn to know how to open a locked door without breaking the bank or calling a locksmith. Before trying any of these tricks, keep in mind that we always recommend hiring a professional locksmith if possible. That said, here are seven clever ways to open a locked door. 

How to open a locked door using a Knife

how to open a locked door

If the door has a simple lock (like those found on bedroom doors), you may be able to open it with a knife. Simply insert the blade between the door and its frame and twist it to force the locking mechanism open.

How to open a locked door using a Screwdriver

how to open a locked door

This technique is similar to a knife but more effective on thicker doors with tougher locks. Insert the screwdriver into the gap between the door and its frame and use it as leverage to pry open the lock. However, this technique should only be used as an absolute last resort because it can cause serious damage to both the lock and door frame! 

How to open a locked door using a Credit Card

how to open a locked door

This trick works best on doors with spring-loaded latch locks (the kind found on most interior doors). Slide your credit card between the door and its frame until you feel resistance, indicating that you have reached the latch. Gently apply pressure while pushing or pulling until you feel the latch release. 

How to open a locked door using a Bobby Pin

how to open a locked door

Bobby pins are surprisingly versatile tools for opening locks! All you need is one bobby pin per lock; bend one end of each pin at 90 degrees, then insert them into either side of the keyhole, cross them over each other in an X-shape, and press down gently while twisting in opposite directions until they click into place. With some luck (and A LOT of patience!), this method should eventually break open most types of locks.
Check out a more detailed guide here!

How to open a locked door using a Bump Key

how to open a locked door

This specially designed tool fits inside any lock cylinder and allows you to gain access quickly. Insert it like normal, then lightly tap something hard against it—like another key—until the right pressure is applied, unlocking your door in no time at all. Be sure to practice this method carefully; incorrect use could cause serious damage to your lock cylinder!

Remove The Hinges Or The Door Entirely

If all else fails—or if time is not an issue—you can always remove either the hinges or even take down the entire door from its frame for easy access! With this method, make sure you have everything necessary for reattaching when finished, such as screws, nails, etc.

Call a Professional Locksmith

Last but certainly not least—call in reinforcements! There’s no shame in hiring someone who knows what they’re doing, especially if there’s something special about your lock that makes it impossible for even professionals to get around without causing permanent damage. At Affordable, we specialize in providing emergency lockout services for residential properties in the whole area – our team of highly trained professionals will respond quickly so that you can get back inside ASAP!


Opening a locked door doesn’t have to be stressful or expensive – all it takes is some creativity and know-how! While we always recommend hiring a professional locksmith whenever possible due to their expertise and specialized tools/skillset – there are plenty of DIY tricks anyone can do with everyday household. So next time you find yourself locked out – give one of these methods a try before calling us at Affordable Locksmith for emergency lockout services! Good luck!

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