3 Easy Tips for How to Get Key Out of Ignition

how to get key out of ignition

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It’s one of those moments; the key is stuck in the ignition, and you can’t get it out. You start to google searching “how to get key out of ignition“, and suddenly you’re feeling frazzled. But don’t worry! It’s quite common, so don’t beat yourself up over it. There are several ways your key could have become stuck and some easy solutions to help you troubleshoot. In this article, we’ll guide you through what is most likely causing your issue and hand you the tools to remove your key from the ignition quickly and easily.

Why is My Key Stuck in the Ignition? 

There are several reasons why your key might be stuck in the ignition. It could be due to something as simple as not having set your car gear into park position when turning off your car, or because of something more complicated, like a faulty ignition cylinder or worn or damaged key. Another common issue is if you were turning the steering wheel while turning off the engine – this can cause it to lock up, making it difficult to remove your key from the ignition. Debris on the key and a dead car battery can also cause problems. 

So come again, How to Get Key out of Ignition? 

Fortunately, getting that pesky key out of your ignition doesn’t have to require a tow truck or an emergency locksmith visit! 

  • Before doing anything else, try setting your car gear into the park position (shaking the gear selector a little may help). Then, jiggle the steering wheel back and forth while gently pulling on the key – this should release any tension caused by locking up when turning off the engine. 
  • If that doesn’t work, try recharging your battery if applicable or spraying some lubricant on the ignition cylinder for extra measure. 
  • If all else fails and you cannot remove your key from its spot in the ignition, then you may need to call a professional locksmith who can repair your ignition and extract/replace your keys. Here at Affordable, we provide 24/7 emergency services, so we’ll come to your rescue whenever you find yourself in this situation.
how to get key out of ignition


It can be extremely frustrating when you find yourself with a stuck key in an uncooperative ignition cylinder – but we hope this post has been able to shine some light on how to get key out of ignition! With a little patience and some troubleshooting tips, you should be able to get that key right back out without needing any outside help–you might surprise yourself with how quickly it comes right out! But if all else fails, remember that there are professionals available who specialize in extracting keys from locked ignitions. Just like us! With our car locksmith services, we can help you get back on track quickly so you can carry on with life uninterrupted!

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